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Homework Policies *

Teacher Responsibilities

  • To provide homework assignments as they deem best for their students' learning.
  • To instruct students on how to develop good study techniques, study habits and the skills needed to complete homework assignments.
  • To review and acknowledge the receipt of homework assignments.
  • To indicate when parents should or should not help with homework assignments.

Student Responsibilities

  • To understand and make note of what is expected on the homework assignments.
  • To obtain the necessary books and materials to do the assignment before leaving school. The office staff and custodian will not permit students to return to classrooms for forgotten books or work after their teacher has left for the day.
  • To complete and return the homework assignment on time.

Parent Responsibilities

  • To be aware of the student’s homework assignments.
  • To provide a suitable place for the student to work, preferably someplace that is quiet, well lighted, and supplied with any necessary equipment (scissors, ruler, pencils, pens, markers, etc...).
  • To help the student establish good study habits at home, such as a regular time and place to study.
  • To be supportive and encourage the student to do the work.
  •  To speak with your child’s teacher if you have questions/concerns about the amount of time your child spends doing homework.